Just In: Radko Shiny Brites! Take a Walk Down Memory Lane.

12 Sep

Before World War II, we Americans were obliged to buy the majority of our glass Christmas ornaments from Germany.  For obvious reasons, that kind of came to an end in the 1940’s.  In response, American lightbulb factories began producing glass Christmas ornaments under the brand Shiny Brite.  These were the ornaments of the Greatest Generation.  Five and Dime reflectors, tinsel trees, color wheels.  Fast forward forty years, and Christopher Radko reintroduced the Shiny Brite Vintage stylings in the original packaging.  Today, the only thing that’s different is the price.  While no longer five and dime glass, most boxes are less than $20, less than the original re-issues in the nineties. Well we went a little nuts in the Christopher Radko showroom this year.  All I could think of was Will Rogers as the Fed Ex guy unloaded case after case of Shiny Brites today:  “I never met a Shiny Brite I didn’t Like.”  Radko brought back their Vintage collection last year, and we were blindsided by the demand.  To be honest, they were gone before almost anybody knew they were here.  We were determined to not make the same mistake twice, and so we ordered just about every style in the showroom.  I honestly think we ordered every style in every size and color variation.  The Shiny Brite Collection for 2011 is absolutely fantastic.  All sorts of nostalgic reflectors, pinecones, toppers and even the ever-popular Bubble Lights.  Have fun walking down memory lane!

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